My Editorial my opinion, with the help of experts in this field

My Editorial my opinion, with the help of experts in this field

My Editorial my opinion, with the help of experts in this field. I understand that it is what many of us mainly in the party/event industry do not want to hear this but it is reality. South Florida is at a 12.4% of people sick with COVIC19 every day and yes the number of sick people is decreasing, for example, yesterday August 18th, 2020, more than 3,200 new cases were reported and 64 deaths and just a few short weeks ago we were in more than 15,000 daily cases, this is good news, but until that percentage does not drop to 5% they will not begin to let us resume to our business to open Banquet Halls, Ballrooms, Venues, dance halls, to go to school, etc.

They asked an expert when this will happen and the answer was, We are the ones who can lower that percentage by following the rules of the authorities, maintaining social distance, wearing face masks, cleaning hands frequently and not being in a group of more than 12 persons. This is something we already knew, but gentlemen if we do not do it, we will see ourselves opening Banquet Halls, Ballrooms, Celebrating Quinces and Weddings, bars and places of entertainment next year, and this is if we pay attention and follow the guidelines.

Angel Diaz of Angel's Choreography had 13 events, 11 Quinces parties and 2 weddings contracted before the pandemic began for this year 2020, luckily no cancellation and all its clients have already transferred their parties for the year 2021, trusting that they will be celebrated. Although to ensure the services of Angel Diaz two of those parties were hired during the pandemic.

Anmar® Party Magazines stopped distribution of its latest edition # 38 of spring 2020 and will not publish the editions of summer and Winter of 2020, but it did resume distribution of # 38 and in January 2021 it will start working on the edition of Spring 2021.

It was announced that Russia and China already have the vaccine, then let me tell you that it was not tested by the proper channels. In my very personal opinion until the United States has a vaccine and I can read the database of how they got it, I would not get the vaccine that I trust our country Yes I do. That I would get it, yes I will. Follow the rules and may we all soon redo our social lives.


Angel Diaz

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