Corona Virus 19 Communicate

Corona Virus 19 Communicate

Coronav19, I don’t appreciate that my Quinceañera from South West Dade Alexa Garcia Quince Celebration was postponed as of today’s date to May 13th, 2020. That Paola Mendez from Davie, Florida was postponed to August 29th, 2020, that Denisse Peña was postponed to June 26th, 2020 and that we are pending on Britney Duran from Hialeah on her Venue to postpone to sometimes in June.  Hopefully my Quinceañeras celebrating her quinces beyond July 2020 will be ok with her set dates, and that Ricardo and Yaoska wedding event remains secure with the date chosen.  But I do appreciate a new dawn.

We are all going thru a huge life change!!

Together we can overcome!  Stay safe! Stay strong!  Let’s come back stronger! And more together than ever!!!

Take care everyone, follow the authorities instructions, help your neighbor and may God help us all. 

Angel Diaz

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