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Marriott Miami Airport Hotel 


Celebrate Your Quinceañera in Stunning Miami Style at the 


Marriott Miami Airport Hotel


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Sirviendo por mas de 10 años de experiencia en el Sur de La Florida.

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Yaily Photography serving South Florida for Over 10 Years 

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Be it the bride, the maid of honor, the bride’s mother or the wedding guest.

Stacy Chan offers handbags to make anyone’s big day in every kind of way.

Through unique, minimalist construction as a starting point for luxury fashion designer Stacy Chan,

Stacy Chan is known for its clean lines and geometric shapes paired with bold color, each handbag is at once classic and modern. 

The luxury handbags are all designed in London and handmade in Italy.

 The brand is dedicated to using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. See Stacy Chan website for collections - 

Stacy Chan unique designs have been seen on British royalty, celebrities and bloggers. 

In addition, they have been included in The Telegraph, The Metro, Harper's Bazaar Online, and various other publications.  

Also the recipient of the first ever Pantone Color Award in the Independent Handbag Design Awards and the

3rd Place Winner of Fashion Base camp’s British Fashion Startup Award 2016.


 Source: Stacy Chan Anmar® Party Magazine / Anmar Xclusive Bridal Magazine 16 on 36 ©2019





 Celebrate Her day on the Bay. Your Quinceañera in Stunning (305) Miami Style at the


Marriott Miami Biscayne Bay Hotel


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Signature Grand Bridal & Quince Show  

October 22nd, 2019  5:30pm - 9:00pm

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  What Is a Prenup and Do You Need One?

  It’s often been said millennial are a very different generation from Gen Xers and baby boomers. As a whole, millennial—those born between 1982 and 2000, according to the Census Bureau—are better educated and command more earning power than previous generations at the same age. It seems they also take protecting their assets seriously.

According to a survey from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML), 51% of attorneys cited an increase in the number of millennials requesting prenuptial agreements. “The world of relationships has entered a new age,” said Peter M. Walzer, president of AAML and founding partner of Walzer Melcher family law firm. “The modern couple is more at ease discussing finances and legal agreements than couples 10 or 20 years ago.” Perhaps that’s why 62% of respondents in the same survey said they have seen an increase in the total number of clients seeking prenups during the past three years as well.

So while the notion persists that prenuptial agreements only serve the 1%, there are many factors motivating today’s engaged couples and those in committed relationships to look at how a prenup may benefit them before getting married.

What is a prenup?

A prenup is a legal agreement two people make before marriage that spells out conditions of how they will hold, gather and distribute assets, both during marriage and if the marriage were to end, said Elizabeth Dipp-Metzger, a certified financial planner and founder of Crown Wealth Strategies in El Paso, Texas. Depending on the wishes of both parties, a prenuptial agreement can be simple or very complex.

In modern society, we often associate prenups with celebrities or public figures, but they have existed in some form for thousands of years. In fact, one of the oldest prenuptial agreements dates back to a 2,000-year-old Hebrew marriage contract, according to Scholars have even found legal agreements similar to modern-day prenups in ancient Egypt.

In the U.S, prenups gained favor as a legal way to ensure women weren’t left penniless if they were widowed or their husbands could no longer provide for them. With the 1848 Married Women’s Property Act, however, prenups began to grow in popularity as a way for women to keep their own property and money safe should their marriages dissolve. These days, prenups also allow spouses to sidestep restrictive state-imposed property division divorce laws, said Steven Fernandez, a certified family law specialist with Fernandez & Karney in Los Angeles.

Do you need a prenup?

Deciding whether a prenup is right for you is a personal decision, but from a legal standpoint, it’s not a bad idea. Prenups protect both partners in a marriage in the event of a divorce, especially in light of shifting gender roles (for example, the rise of stay-at-home dads and women earning more in the workplace). “Prenuptial agreements can offer benefits to anyone getting married, not just couples with tremendous wealth,” said Fernandez.

If you’re on the fence about getting a prenup, consider how you could:

  • Address your financial rights. A prenup allows both parties to identify and retain assets. “Although, in most states, the law protects assets owned before a marriage, there are many ways assets can get commingled,” said Dipp-Metzger. Getting a prenup can set some boundaries on those combined assets.
  • Protect yourself from debts. A prenup can help shield you from potential financial misgivings that take place before or during a marriage, such as those associated with bankruptcy filings, tax liens or credit problems. A prenup can also set strict rules on how to use child support for children from a previous relationship.
  • Keep things civil. “Perhaps the most attractive aspect of a prenup is to try to avoid (or at least minimize) financial arguments upon divorce,” said Dipp-Metzger. “Having a well-thought-out prenup and separation of assets can save a lot of heartache and stress later on.”
  • Financially provide for kids from a prior relationship. If you have children from a previous relationship, a prenup can help set aside assets that you want to direct to them.

Prenup pros and cons

As with any big decision, one that involves the delicate business of human emotions and financial assets, understanding the benefits and downsides of having a prenup can often help bring clarity and direction to your decision-making.


  • Important topics are worked out beforehand. Hot-button issues, such as whether you’ll have children, who will stay at home to care for the kids and what happens to assets acquired during marriage, can be worked out with a prenup.
  • It forces couples to talk about money. Both parties can determine what is fair and start discussing the all-important, hard-to-broach topic of money.
  • It can save you money in the long run. In the event of divorce, there’s a legally binding document that addresses or at least outlines the division of assets and other important issues for the couple.


  • Prenups are still considered taboo. The person initiating the prenup conversation may come across as taking a cynical view of marriage (as in, he or she is hedging it won’t last).
  • Prenups require time and money. “Expect to spend, at a minimum, several hundred dollars so both parties can have representation, plus another several hundred to have an attorney draft the prenup,” said Dipp-Metzger. Because prenup fees can range so widely, there is no universal answer to how much does a prenup cost. But Dipp-Metzger recommends spelling out lawyer fees, preferably with a fixed price from both attorneys, before engaging their services. Some mediators can prepare a prenup at a lesser cost, if the parties can agree on how they wish to allocate assets.
  • Assets need to be kept separate. Once premarital assets are defined in a prenuptial agreement, it’s important to administer them separately during the marriage; otherwise, they will likely be considered community property assets, said Dipp-Metzger.
  • Tracking separate assets is a must. Having a joint bank account likely won’t cut it. For example, if one person owns a piece of property and sells it, then the proceeds should be clearly recorded and put into a separate account to maintain the separation of assets.

What your prenup might look like

If you’re wondering how does a prenup work, a very simple one can state that all assets will be split 5050, while a complicated prenup can have many caveats and conditions. In that way, “no two prenups look alike,” said Dipp-Metzger, “but at their best, they specify all the wishes of both parties.”

To draft your prenup, you’ll need basic information, including an inventory of all assets that both parties own or expect to inherit. You’ll likely need to produce all documents related to sources of income, such as:

  • Bank and other financial accounts
  • Retirement and health benefits
  • Business holdings and interest
  • Real estate
  • Intellectual property (for example, if you’re a tech startup founder)
  • Liabilities (including credit card or student loan debt)
  • Personal property

You’ll also need information for the family members or any people who will be party to the arrangement, such as additional children from a previous marriage, said Fernandez.

“Every prenup must be tailored to the individual concerns and goals of the parties,” said Donna L. Maul, a family law attorney and partner at Ansell Grimm & Aaron’s Family Law Practice. There is also a body of language that makes up the agreement itself, organized by topic, along with an individual detailed summary schedule of financial disclosure for each party, which should be supported by a complete document package.

When is a prenup invalid?

While anyone can claim that a prenup won’t hold up in a court of law, it’s important to understand some of the common complaints that are used to try and invalidate a prenup:

  • Lack of proper counsel
  • Lack of knowledge or understanding in what was inside the document
  • No notary or witness
  • No original copy

Ensuring your prenup is drafted in fairness to both parties and with separate counsel should help alleviate any of these instances. “Agreements generally require something of value to be exchanged between parties to be properly binding,” said Maul. Say, for instance, one person is wealthier and requests the other spouse give up rights that he or she would otherwise have under existing law without a prenup in place. The spouse giving up rights should receive something of value—like cash or a piece of real estate—if the marriage ends.

You’ll also need to make sure your prenup complies with state law. If the terms of the prenup violate the law, those terms can be invalidated. For example, in recent years, infidelity clauses have become popular in prenups across the country. If a spouse cheats during the course of the marriage, the infidelity clause awards the other spouse property or a certain sum of money. “In many states, including California, infidelity clauses violate state law,” said Fernandez. “As a result, infidelity clauses included in California prenups can be struck down by a judge.”

When you don’t have a prenup and divorce

Couples without a prenup will be subject to the laws of the state in which they file for divorce. “Without a prenup, individuals may be vulnerable to the fallout from their spouse’s debt and financial issues,” said Fernandez. This is particularly true in states where both spouses have ownership interests in joint property.

At the end of the day, said Fernandez, “a prenup is a way to hash out the finer financial-driven details of divorce at a point in your relationship when communication is at its best.”

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Anmar® Xclusive Bridal Magazine

  No 15 on 35th  Spring 2019 Edition

 Front Cover Photo By:  Jose Peralta





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Signature Grand Bridal & Quince Show  

October 22nd, 2019  5:30pm - 9:00pm

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Marriott Miami Airport Hotel 


Celebrate Your Quinceañera in Stunning Miami Style at the 


Marriott Miami Airport Hotel


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Celebrate Her day on the Bay. Your Quinceañera in Stunning (305) Miami Style at the

Marriott Miami Biscayne Bay Hotel

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Anmar® Xclusive Bridal Magazine

  No 14 on 34th Winter , Christmas / Holiday 2018 Edition

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Monica and Juan Social Event

Photo By:  Leo Photographer




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Caroline Castigliano, showcased her

POWER OF LOVE Collection

at THE LONDON HOTEL over NEW YORK Bridal week.

 Caroline Castigliano launches

 ‘Power of Love’ Collection

Caroline Castigliano, the market leader in luxury bridal wear, launches her latest collection of exquisite gowns at New York Bridal Week.

Known for her understated, effortlessly glamorous style, Castigliano’s gowns are classic and timeless with contemporary highlights and details that create a chic look.

 The unique stretch corsets developed by Castigliano continues in the ‘Power of Love’ collection with bra cup corsets sculpting the figure to create a feminine and playfully sensual shape with layered laces creating depth and texture.

Day to night looks are key with sleek fishtail gowns paired with sumptuous detachable trains and delicate lace shrugs to transform the silhouette.

 The essence of 50’s glamour is brought back with a modern take on the classic ball gown with clean lines making the statement.

 The collection has been handcrafted in the UK from fluid crepe, satin faced organza and guipure lace alongside new modern laces with subtle beading creating an understated yet glamorous bridal vision. Colours are soft, ivory, blush, mocha and beautiful water colours.

 The ‘Power of Love’ will be available to view at The London NYC October 6 – 8.  

 For additional information, please contact:

Cecilia Bergqvist

 Marketing Manager

 Tel: +44 (0)795 798 3170

 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Anmar® Xclusive Bridal Magazine

  No 13 on 33rd Edition

 Front Cover Photo By: Aragon Photography


Mayra's Weddings and Things

Photo and Video



Ivonne Photo by Ivette Media

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we really appreciate it!

Please keep Capturing Those beautiful Moments! and welcome to our

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Anmar® Xclusive Bridal Magazine

 No 12 on 32nd Edition

Front Cover Photo By: Leo Photography


 Florida Weddings & Special Events Party Favors for your life events 

Welcome! Florida Weddings, Quinces & Special Events to Anmar® Party, Kids & Teens  and Xclusive Bridal Magazines on line and print, Spring 2018, 32nd Edition. 

Shop beautiful and elegant party favors for all life events on line htpp://

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Jorge & Gelsys Falcon

January 13th, 2018


A.B. Memories Video Production 

 Champagne & the Mystery of the 6 Turns

Angel's Choreography - Anmar®  Party Coordinators

Marriott Miami Biscayne Bay Hotel  

We are pleased to announce and welcome to our family of advertisers  The Marriott Miami Biscayne Bay Hotel, this exceptional and  magnificent venue  is  a full Service and Professional facility for all your events. Welcome to our No 32 Springs Edition

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Nos complacemos en darles la bienvenida al Marriott Miami Biscayne Bay Hotel . Este salon para eventos brinda un servicio y profesionalismo completo. Bienvenidos a nuestra edición No 32 de Primavera 2018

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Ivonne Photo / Ivette Media



Marriott Miami Airport Hotel in Lejeune Rd in Miami 




Tuxedo Center

Miami Springs Country Club

650 Curtiss Parkway

Miami Springs, Florida. 33166

(305) 640-5104



Article: How to find the right

Wedding Planner /Coordinator

for every Season 


Zayas Mens Wear & Tuxedos.

Your Party Your Style!. They Fit Everyone!!!. 




Anmar® Xclusive Bridal Magazine

 No 11 on 31st Edition

Photo By Robert Lino Photography



Leoeli's and Jose Engagement '" Wedding Bells are in the Air "


 Leoeli's and Jose Engagement '" Wedding Bells are in the Air "



Premiere Banquet Hall, Celebrations Ballrooms

and Tony's Reception Hall.


Coming up on our 31st Holiday,Christmas - Winter 2017 Edition,

in just a few short weeks,Three (3) Magnificent Venues / Ballrooms,

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In SW Miami, Hialeah Gardens and West Hialeah Premiere Banquet Hall, Celebrations Ballrooms

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Confetti and Fog FX



 Christmas Wedding Flowers and Decorations on

11 on 31st Christmas Edition Articles





Anmar® Xclusive Bridal Magazine

 No 10 on 30th Edition


Ivette & David  Destination Wedding

Floral: Kelly 3 Leaf Floral Design
Cake by Lindy @wildrosecakesgrandjunction
Styling: Shiara Stonewood Vintage: Party Rental & Events
Location: Moab, Utah
Photo by Herby with Ivonne Photo






Ivette & David Wedding Decorations



Anmar® Xclusive Bridal Magazine

 No 9 on 29th Edition



The Westin Colonnade Hotel in Coral Gables



Anmar® Xclusive Bridal Magazine Tips


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 The TreeTop Ballrooms at Jungle Island


 Stylist and Make up Artist Martha Maria


Confetti and Fog FX



Signature Grand Bridal Showcase




Light FX Pros

Anmar® Xclusive Bridal Magazine

No 8 on 28th Edition



The True Meaning of Christmas

Light FX/Pro's - Special Effect Company


Signature Grand Bridal and Quince Showcase


Marriott Miami Airport Hotel


 Christmas Wedding Flowers and Decorations on

Christmas 28th Edition  Articles




Tuxedo Center 


 Grandparents in Anmar® Party Magazine

Los Abuelos en Anmar® Party Magazine 2016 


Grandparents reply to Anmar®  

La respuesta de los abuelos en Anmar®


Anmar® Xclusive Bridal Magazine


No 7 on 27th Edition



Martha Maria Stylist and Make up Artist


The Signature Grand Mansions




Angel's Choreography  Performance at  the

Signature Grand  Mansions  Quince and Bridal Showcase



Hair and AirBrush Makeup by Giselle



The Westin Colonnade Hotel in Coral Gables 



Treetop Ballrooms Jungle Island

Anmar® Xclusive Bridal Magazine

No 6 on 26th Edition


Rehearsal Dinner Article

Hair and AirBrush Makeup by Giselle


The Signature Grand Mansions


Cathy Medina / Zumba Instructor

The TreeTop Ballrooms at Jungle Island


La Hora Loca / The Crazy Hour 

Let's Party - 70's Party Ideas 


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