VII Annual VIP Exclusive 15 Showcase at the Pullman Airport Hotel

Wow! so many pictures, so many compliments, so many reviews, so many text and phone calls  from so many friends and Social Media followers, that I can only say Thank You!!  -  click on read more for much more

I also want to give a sincere Thank You to all the vendors and personnel which in a way or another contributed to highlight the show held last Sunday, February 12th 2017. Thank you to Mr. Martin Gonzales Catering Manager of the The Pullman Airport Miami Hotel for hosting this event. I want to congratulate the youngsters, from Juliet Gonzalez Court. they performed spectacularly. To  ISP - Infinite Sound Productions Tony  aka Tony the Hit Men and his staff, for putting together for the seventh consecutive year such a magnificent Showcase. 

My infinite gratitude to the other professionals who illuminated the good development of the show as the photographer  Ivonne Photography - Ivette and Ivonne Franqui, A.B. Memories Video Productions, make-up specialist, Giselle,  and Martha Maria.  Wardrobe consultant stylists Zayas Quinceañeras,  and Zayas Tuxedos.

To my talented Assistant Choreographer Stephanie Espinosa, to Mr. & Mrs. Misleiby  and  Jose Junior  for all their support and  help with the court participants.

Quinceañera TV Producer and Director Alfred Alvarez, to the Pullman Airport Hotel his staff and his Catering Manager Martin Gonzalez for allowing our cameras  and everyone around that help us during the filming of this showcase, my teleprompter Yanais Diaz.   Last but not least to my wife Ained , my daughter Jainette and to my Expo representatives Gisela Rodriguez, Yanais and Hugo Diaz for all their support. 

Congratulations to the winner of the Quinceañera TV Contest to win a FREE 15 Party Celebration with all expenses pay,  Ms. Jade Martinez, Ms. Martinez will be turning 15th this year 2017, and her birthday celebration will be taken place at the Studio 305 Reception Hall  - Once again Congratulations.

A wide spread of pictures will feature on our next Anmar® 29th Edition coming up in April 2017.

I personally want to thank the following group of youngsters for participating LIVE and doing and amazing job during the live choreography:  Quinceañera:   JULIET GONZALEZ and her dancing partner ALEJANDRO  GONZALEZ, GABRIELA MIJARES Y LESTER RODRIGUEZ, MARISLEKSY GINARTE  Y ROBERTO SANSON, NATALIE RODRIGUEZ Y RICKY MIJARES, MARIEN TABARES Y ELIER VALDES, LAURA SOSA Y JOSE GUERRA, GISELA ARIAS Y KAMIR LARIN. Special thanks to all the models and also our deepest gratitude again to Juliet Parents  for all their support.

I, Ángel Díaz, from Angel's Choreography and Anmar® Party Magazine feels very pleased for your participation and commitment. The VII Annual VIP Exclusive 15 Show was a complete success thanks to you all. Thanks! And yes we are ready for the 8th Annual VIP 15 Showcase , hundreds of pictures and video clip are already at the gallery of pics at  



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