No. 29th Edition Advertisement Rates


Special Rate for our upcoming - 29th Edition


Apart from  what you already know about the magazine and how it works, here are the special rate that I want to offer you.


The cost of a 2 page Spread/ layout - $1,100.00, they don't have to appear or feature next to each other

The following pages are available I don't know for how long, because there are base on a signed and paid contract.

Inside Back Cover and Back Cover  both are available at $700.00 ea

The last page is also available at $650.00

Full Page , 1/2 Page and 1/4 Page  ads please read scroll down.

Any other page within the magazine the cost is of $675.00  (your cost $600.00)

The special cost in not available on the 1/2 page or 1/4 page ad.

All the above is provided that you are to supply the art work, If we need to create your art work the cost will be of $40.00 per page with a maximum of 2 revision after is done base on your text and images.

The special regarding the email blast and the links to your page from our web site goes, the only thing that I will do as an additional bonus is that I will do at least 5 email blast but over 100 via social media perhaps more in your case, and I will place your ad on blog page as well as in Latest News.  I want you guys on board.

If applicable: Furthermore I will do email blast to all our contact in our Data Base for your Open House or any other type of event during 2017 - 2018 FREE OF CHARGE

Please let me know if you should have any further questions

Best regards

Angel Diaz


Anmar® Party Magazine, Inc.

The Original Fiestas

P. O Box 172152

Miami Lakes, Florida  33017-2152

Telephone No.: (305) 772-4886

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No. 29th Edition / Twenty Ninth Edition 

English version

It will indeed be a pleasure to reserve an exceptional space in our next edition.


Please contact us a.s.a.p.

The deadline is end of February 2017 March 5th, 2017  the latest.  SIP///////

Version en Español despues de esta version en Ingles 

To Whom It May Concern:

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to get in touch with you, as we have learned of your interest in our magazine.

Anmar®Party Magazine, Inc.  (The Original Fiestas) prints 25,000 copies three times a year, with a great distribution, we could say a massive display throughout the entire City of Miami Dade and South Broward.

This is the reason for my letter; we are in the process of reserving space for our 29th edition, which is programmed between  March 15th and April 1st, 2017 sooner if possible. This magazine is printed in English and Spanish and it is completely free of charge.

Our prices are as follows:

 ¼ Page $ 275.00    

 Half a page $ 450.00

 Full page and in full color $675.00 

Business Card 3 1/2" X 2" $ 150.00  MIGHT MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE ON THIS EDITION

2 full page ( Spread ) -  $1,250.00  (these two pages, they don't have to appear next to each other.



All you have to do is to provide us with your ad. If you do not have the ad, do not worry, we will take care of preparing an effective art work, all we need is that you send us the text, photographs and all other information or relevant material.  Before printing, we will submit the final product for your approval and consideration.  Not applicable to business cards.

 In addition, I would like to inform you that Anmar® Party Magazine, Inc.  is the only one of its kind on the Internet.  For example, your advertisement will be displayed automatically on the magazine pages.  If you have a website, we will link you to our page on the Internet.  Your ad will also be shown via social links like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, You Tube, Vimeo,Google +, Blogger and Linkeln to name a few. If you have not seen it, please visit us at, and you will have a better understanding of all I have just explained.  Furthermore, ANMAR® HAS NOT ONE BUT 3 ON LINE EMAGAZINE, Anmar® Party Magazine, Incand also Anmar® Xclusive Bridal and Anmar® Kids & Teens Magazines. Anmar® is always present at every Bridal and Quinceañeras Show in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties, we always have a booth with an Expo. Representative at these shows.  We have made ourselves present in 2016 at 21 shows.  We have already committed to be present at over 15 shows in the year 2017.  These shows are also advertised in our website under the category "Up-Coming Shows". In addition to this,  we mail out no less than magazines a week  to persons who subscribe to our magazine and are interested in receiving it via mail in the State of Florida, but mainly in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.  All of this is included in the aforementioned price.

More and More Benefits

We keep expanding our scope in other places occasionally as SW Florida Naples, Bonita Springs, Punta Gorda, Marco Island, Sanibel, Cape Coral an all the surrounding  areas. Our No. 25 - 28 editions  are also present  in those areas, our goal is to expand all over Florida via mail and distribution center/racks.

Also as a  Anmar® Party Magazine vendor, you get special discount at several Quince and Bridal Shows.

 Please visit us at, and you will have a better understanding of all I have explained.

We hope you will contact us as soon as possible, and we will be able to reserve you an exceptional space in our  29th edition. To be accurate,  the original name of the magazine was Fiestas The Party Magazine® considering this fact, the 29th edition of Anmar® Party Magazine is the 39th edition of the then Fiestas The Party Magazine®. Irrespective of the name, the good news is that you will join our satisfied advertisers.

But there is even more, upon signing the contract, and with the approved and paid advertisement, we will place your ad with the appropriate link in our website, and social links, although the magazine has not been placed in the shelves yet. That happens immediately.

 We can place you on a payment plan.  We now accept Visa, and Master Cards, via our Internet systems Intuit Payment Network, the payment is fast, easy, and secure.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have additional questions.

Cordially yours,


Angel Diaz

Director / Editor-In-Chief

Choreographer / Coreógrafo

Angel's Choreography

Anmar® Party Magazine, Inc.

P. O. Box 172152

Hialeah, Florida. 33017-2152

Phone: (305) 772-4886


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Visit our Web Sites:



 Spanish Version

Anmar ® Party Magazine, Inc.

The Original Fiestas

P. O Box 172152

Miami Lakes, Florida  33017-2152

Telephone No.: (305) 772-4886

E-Mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Edición No.  29

La fecha clave para nuestra próxima edición es

 February 2017 March 5th, 2017 

Antes si fuera posible

Será un placer el poderle reservar un espacio excepcional en nuestra próxima edición

Vigésima Novena Edición / LA EDICION NO 29

Contáctenos lo antes posible.

Ofrecemos plan de pagos.   Aceptamos tarjetas de crédito Visa, and Master Cards

Primero que todo, deseo agradecerles el permitirnos comunicarnos con ustedes, ya que hemos sabido de su interés en nuestra revista.

Anmar®  Party Magazine, Inc.  (La Original) imprime 25,000 ejemplares tres veces al  año, con una gran distribución, diríamos masiva en toda la Ciudad de Miami y el Sur de Broward

Es por eso que le escribo esta carta,  pues ya estamos reservando espacio para nuestra  Vigésima Novena Edición  que está programada entre Marzo 15 y Abril 1 del 2017 o antes.  La revista se imprime en Inglés y en Español a todo color  y es totalmente gratis.

Nuestros precios son los siguientes:

  ¼ Página $ 275.00    

Media Página $ 450.00

 Página entera $675.00 


 2 páginas  ( Spread ) -  $1,250.00 no necesariamente tienen que estar una al lado de la otra


 Solamente nos provee con su anuncio, de no tener un anuncio ya  hecho, nos provee el texto, fotos, y toda información o material que necesitemos y nosotros nos encargamos de preparar el arte y presentárselo a usted para su aprobación antes de ser impreso.  Esto no es aplicable con las tarjetas de negocios.

También deseo informarles que Anmar®  Party Magazine, Inc. es la única en su género relacionado con la Internet.  Por ejemplo, su anuncio aparece automáticamente en las páginas de la revista. De tener usted un Web Site, se le hace un vínculo con nuestras páginas de la Internet.  A la vez aparecerá en las redes sociales como Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, You Tube, VimeoGoogle +, Blogger y LinkedlnSi no lo ha visto, por favor visítenos, ,  para que tenga mejor idea de lo que le he explicado.  Además ANMAR® PARTY MAGAZINE, ANMAR® XCLUSIVE BRIDAL, AND ANMAR® KIDS & TEENS MAGAZINES FUGURAN EN LA RED DE INTERNET BAJO UNA VERSION ELECTRONICA  Anmar®  Party Magazine, Inc.  Está presente en todos los espectáculos o show de Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties, o sea que siempre tenemos un estanquillo con representantes en cada evento, en  el año 2016 estuvimos presente en 21 de ellos.  Ya estamos comprometidos  para más de 15 de ellos en el 2017, estos shows la mayoría de ellos aparecen en nuestra página web en la sección de "Up-Coming Shows" Y aun hay más nuestra distribución por correo  es de más de revistas diarias a personas  interesadas en recibir nuestra revista en todo el estado de la Florida pero mayormente en los condados de Dade,  Broward y Palm Beach.  Todo esto está incluido en el precio antes mencionado.

Pero aun hay más nos estamos expandiendo ocasionalmente hacia SW Florida, las áreas de Naples, Bonita Springs, Punta Gorda, Marco Island, Sanibel, Cape Coral y todas las ares alrededor de estas ciudades. Nuestras Ediciones # 25-28  alcanzaron aun muchísimas áreas más. Alcanzaremos áreas como St. Augustine y Jacksonville,  nuestro propósito es llegar a cubrir todo el estado de la Florida, bien sea a través del correo o puntos de distribución.

Aun hay mas al ser cliente de Anmar® Party Magazine, usted recibirá descuentos especiales en los diferentes show de Quinceañeras y Novias del Sur de la Florida.

Visítenos, Para que tenga mejor idea de lo que le he explicado.

Espero que se comuniquen con nosotros lo antes posible, para así poder reservarles un espacio excepcional en nuestra     Vigésima Novena Edición  de Anmar® pero en total que incluye  Fiestas The Party Magazine ® es nuestra Edición No. 39 y que se unan a nuestros satisfechos anunciantes.

Ofrecemos plan de pagos.   Aceptamos tarjetas de crédito Visa, y Master Cards a través de nuestro sistema de pago a través de la Internet Intuit Payment /Network, rápido, fácil y seguro

Por favor, siéntanse libres de comunicarse con nosotros, de ustedes tener cualquier pregunta.


   Angel Diaz

Director / Editor-In-Chief

Choreographer / Coreógrafo

Angel's Choreography

Anmar® Party Magazine, Inc.

P. O. Box 172152

Hialeah, Florida. 33017-2152

Phone: (305) 772-4886


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Visit our Web Sites:


La Revista Más Informativa para todas las necesidades de sus Fiestas

"The Most Complete Magazine for all your Party needs"

News Letter from Anmar® Party Magazine

Anmar® Party Magazine, Inc.

Is the only one publication with over 20 years on the market, specialize to portrait the best private parties of the most important event in the Hispanic culture in the family events such: Quinces, Weddings, Baby Showers, Baptism, Birthdays’, (Bat , Bar-mitzvahs) and Anniversaries. Our cover pages aren’t models but real debutantes whose celebrations are part of the stories inside the magazine. And they announce their “Coming Soon”

DISTRIBUTION: NEW SPECIAL EDITIONS  Families’ events are the main content of Anmar® Party Magazine Then every issue is treasured by those families and friends of each girl or couple in the cover page. Girls are eager to show their friends in their schools and reunions their own Party coverage in the magazine. Also, Anmar® Party Magazine is a free publication; it has distribution of 20 thousands issues three times a year, in the most important banquet halls, Hotels, Beauty Shops, Spas, Restaurants, South Florida Vicky’s Bakeries chain of Bakeries and much more, who have as target market young debutantes and their families as well.

Over Ten years ago Anmar® Party Magazine became bilingual 50% Spanish and 50% English, helping the younger cover page girl to share her Hispanic tradition of the “Quinces” with her friends of other cultures that doesn’t speak Spanish, and also including columns and editorials about product and services of providers of these growing industry of the Celebrations.  Anmar® Party Magazine it is and remains the only bilingual publication of her kind.
“Anmar® Party Magazine Venues & Destinations”. For more information about Special rates in any of The Special Editions of Anmar® Call: 305-772-4886

Anmar® Party Magazine  Es la única publicación con 20 años en el mercado, especializada en publicar las mejores fiestas privadas de los eventos más importantes en la cultura hispana que son los acontecimientos familiares como: Los Quince Años, Bodas, la bienvenida de un Bebé, el Bautismo, Cumpleaños, (Bat & Bar-mitzvahs) y Aniversarios. Nuestras portadas no son modelos, pero verdaderas debutantes cuyas celebraciones tienen la cobertura como historias dentro de la revista.

DISTRIBUCIÓN: Siendo los eventos familiares el contenido principal Anmar® Party Magazine cada edición es atesorada por aquellas familias y amigos de cada Quinceañera ó pareja que tenga la portada. Y las jovencitas están impacientes para mostrar a sus amigos en sus escuelas y grupos su propia revista. Así mismo Anmar® Party Magazine es una publicación gratuita, que reparte más de 20 mil ejemplares tres veces anualmente, en los Salones de Fiestas más importantes del Sur de la florida, lo mismo que: Hoteles, Salones de Belleza,  Spas,  restaurantes,  Vicky’s Bakery (Cadenas de pastelerias) y otras localidades importantes que tienen el mercado de las jóvenes debutantes y sus familias. EDICIONES ESPECIALES

Por mas de dies años Anmar®  Party Magazine, Se ha convertido en la primera publicación de su especie bilingüe, ( 50% Español y 50% Ingles) apoyando para que la Quinceañera de la portada comparta su tradición hispana "De los Quinces" con amigos de otras culturas que no hablan Español y también ahora incluye columnas y editoriales sobre productos y servicios de abastecedores de ésta creciente industria de las Celebraciones.  Y todavia se mantiene siendo la numero uno en su genero.

Anmar® Party Magazine Venues and Destinations”. Para Mayor Información y precios de los paquetes en las Ediciones Especiales llamar al 305-772-4886


We wish to inform you that:

"The Most Complete Magazine for all your Party needs"


The only specialized bilingual magazine in Quinces & Weddings, distributed in South Florida

with the best vendors of the Celebration Industry for years.

"The Original"  No 29th Edition is updated on the web site, please visit

Please tell your friends, clients, business associates, 
We are confident that you will enjoy It!

We want to make sure that your ad is under the correct category,

please visit our web site go to the category and search for it;

Social Events and all, we also would like to make sure that the link provided is correct


All rights reserved. Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited. Any offer published by our advertisers is not the responsibility of Anmar® Inc.

Derechos reservados. Anmar® Inc. no se hace responsable de las ofertadas publicadas por nuestros anunciantes.

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Printed in the USA.

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Esta revista se imprime en E.U.A.

Angel Diaz Director / Editor-In-Chief

Anmar® Party Magazine, Inc.

P. O. Box 172152 Hialeah, Florida. 33017-2152

Phone: (305) 772-4886

EMail: anmar @

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